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Internet Lock is the access control and password protection solution for your internet connections
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4 August 2008

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We all agree with the fact that internet and computer systems have made our lives much easier and flexible with its humongous knowledge base and huge storages of information pieces on wide variety of verticals and topics. Research and communication has been immensely contributed to by the internet access and its easy availability has added to the pleasure and convenience. However, the amount of malevolent and unsolicited content is no less on this unique resource that can have a detrimental effect on users especially in case of malicious software and viruses existing in the web atmosphere that can creep up into the network. Internet Lock 5.2 is an innovative solution to control the internet access and encrypts programs from being accessed.

Internet Lock opens with a systematically organized interface with the main options placed intuitively. As soon as the user enters a URL, the program pops up compactly and asks for the password to continue making it easy and simple to control internet activity. With the usage of this unique internet lock, the user can password protect any specific program from access and even blocks its use. The software can work easily on all major browsers including Internet Explorer, AOL and Firefox etc. and even supports specific internet programs on specific IP addresses and domains. The program can deny or permit the usage or even ask for a password for certain websites; especially protecting children from unwanted web pages. An easy to use in-built Wizard helps the user to protect the entire internet connection and password protect all browsers and e-mail clients.

Overall, Internet Lock 5.2 proves to be immensely constructive and useful for internet users and for organizations and parents in terms of controlling the internet usage and hence gets a rating score of four points for its enhanced premise and performance.

Publisher's description

Internet Lock is the access control and password protection solution for your internet connections and programs. By using Internet Lock, you can password protect any program from accessing internet, you also can block any internet program.
Internet Lock can password protect or block any kind of internet programs from accessing internet, for example: password protects all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL etc.
Internet Lock also supports to protect the internet programs on certain IP addresses and domains. It can deny, allow, or password protect internet programs on certain web sites. You can limit users to access only the web sites you specified, or keep users from accessing the unwanted web sites.
Internet Lock provides an easy-to-use wizard to help you to protect internet connections, for example "Password Protect All Web Browsers", "Password Protect All Email Clients", "Deny All FTP Programs" etc.
Internet Lock supports schedule options, supports to protect port ranges. Internet Lock works in low level driver mode, it will never slow down the connection speeds.
Internet Lock
Internet Lock
Version 5.2
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